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Posted: June 19, 2018


Jada (ID 38817778) is a petite redhead that treasures simple human affection over any toy.

She’s apprehensive about movements or objects overhead but is quickly soothed by a reassuring voice or touch. Jada is approximately a year old, seems well housebroken, and is joyfully interested in meeting other play pals. With her running style and occasional herding tendencies, Jada may have Cattle Dog in her blood.

Adopt Jada (ID 38817778), this gentle, 37-pound cutie fully spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and morefrom Pinellas County Animal Services on Ulmerton Rd. in Largo: PinellasCounty.org/AnimalServices. Find them on Facebook @PinellasCountyAnimalServices.

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